Statement on George Floyd

I am saddened, angered, and disturbed by the senseless murder of George Floyd. This is a time for real, substantive policy change in our justice system. In addition to criminal prosecution, it is also essential that police officers who violate the rights of others be held personally liable in civil court. I stand with Congressman Justin Amash who is introducing the "Ending Qualified Immunity Act," which will allow for civil action against individual police officers who have harmed others and violated their individual rights. While this is only one of many issues that needs to be addressed, ending qualified immunity would be a small but important step in the right direction toward fighting injustice and addressing racial disparities in our justice system. The tragic death of George Floyd highlights the urgency of the need for change.

-Tom Schmitz


Please watch my urgent video message on COVID-19.  As our nation faces this unprecedented pandemic, we need libertarian policy in healthcare now, more than ever.

-Tom Schmitz


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